Colin Hydes
3rd January 1945 - 15th March 2023
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When I get where I'm Going

by Brad Paisley featuring Dolly Parton


Colin held many titles during his life, from Printer to Carpenter, but his favourite titles were those associated with family and friends.  Colin remained unfalteringly devoted to his late wife Doreen and kept precious memories of others who passed before him, especially those of his infant son David and later his daughter Tracey.  For those of us remaining Colin was a loving, supportive Dad, Grandad, Father-in-Law, Brother, Uncle, family member and friend.  In recent years Colin enjoyed nothing more than spending time with his loved ones, in person, on the phone or via FaceTime, Facebook and Messenger across the world! 

Colin will be missed by everyone who knew him but especially us, his immediate family; Mick and Karen, Dani, Tom and Chloe.   Colin never had a cross word, just a big heart, he had a wonderful sense of humour and the rare ability to spread a warm smile across a room.  Colin had a few long term hobbies which included his photography and an amazing collection of photographs that will keep his lifetime memories alive for generations to come. 

Colin will have a private cremation local to his home on Thursday 13th April at 08.45.  We will join with family and friends for a Celebration of Colin’s Life on Saturday 15th April.  For close family members there will be a scattering of ashes as we lay Colin to rest with Doreen at Randalls Park Crematorium – date to be confirmed. 


  1. Marlene De-Abel

    We met Colin when he visited his life long friends from England and we found him to be warm hearted, friendly and always had a smile. He was very hospitable to us when we visited from Australia. We had a lovely time that afternoon when we caught up with him and he showed us around the English countryside. Colin was a kind and thoughtful man.

    • Paul Renshaw

      Colin was an amazing man, and very kind to the Renshaw family. He’ll be very missed, especially at Christmas. We will always remember his kind smile and warm heart. Love you Colin. xx


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